It’s a new world


And so, after many years of trying and changing and dreaming, iRock Coaching has finally seen the light. It’s been like a seed that was planted, had germinated and is now able to grow, because a good dose of manure was administered. (You know what I mean – I’ve been through a lot of….) It […] Read more…

Dealing with the two ugly monsters: Fear and Doubt


This week I’m writing to you from a research study school I’m attending at the University of Johannesburg. As I look around me, there are some really smart people in the room. They have done some amazing things. They have lots of experience. One person was on television just the previous evening as an expert […] Read more…

From resolutions to reality to Las Vegas?


It’s a new year and the majority of people are  scrambling to make those new years resolutions happen. Talking to your friends I’m sure the old favourites will pop up again: Losing Weight Run 5km Stop smoking Drink less Take more time off this year Spend more time with the kids Find a life partner […] Read more…

How to survive the Christmas Holidays


It is that time of year, when we are all getting ready for Christmas. Family and friends might be visiting and who knows who else will show up at your door step? My friends and I have been talking about how one would survive this time, especially when you are living at the coast as […] Read more…

Stepping through the open door


I have a great coaching partner. Her name is Jinx – she’s a 3 year old border collie. She is really well trained and well behaved and loves playing with the children. We taught her well not to just run out of the front door and she is very obedient. Perhaps we taught her too […] Read more…

Finish the year strong


My coach and friends have been encouraging me to write a blog. I’ve been resisting – OK I’ve just been plain stubborn. I didn’t want to do it. And then a friend of mine said this to me: “You are holding back – there are so many people who you could help if you wrote […] Read more…

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