Dealing with change

Why you need to know about PNI


We now that our emotions, attitudes and beliefs can affect our bodies and physical health. Tons of research have been done in this area. Today the science of understanding the mind-body connection is called PsychoNeuroImmunology or PNI for short. What is PNI exactly? According to Orr & Patient (2004), PNI examines how your coping styles, […] Read more…

When the @#$ hits the fan


So a couple of weeks ago I visited my mom in a really remote part of South Africa. It was great, wide open spaces, delicious lamb and a good old “kuier”. On my way back home, I had some car trouble – serious car trouble. My car crawled at a snails pace to the nearest town, which […] Read more…

Dealing with the two ugly monsters: Fear and Doubt


This week I’m writing to you from a research study school I’m attending at the University of Johannesburg. As I look around me, there are some really smart people in the room. They have done some amazing things. They have lots of experience. One person was on television just the previous evening as an expert […] Read more…

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