New beginnings

How to create a bulletproof warrior mindset


How do you create a bulletproof warrior mindset that will help you overcome even the toughest obstacles?🌟 Our minds are incredibly powerful and it is the one thing we hardly ever learn to fully utilize. Often people think that understanding the mind and working on mindset is esoteric or woo-woo, but there is a lot […] Read more…

How to reinvent yourself


It was November 2017 when I found myself sitting in a hospital bed, being prodded and poked by doctors who were scratching their heads wondering how I had such a serious blood clot at a relative young age (mid 40’s). “This should not be happening”, they said. I agreed. Batches of tests were being ordered. […] Read more…

30 of the Best Affirmations


I absolutely love affirmations. It’s what kept me going when I was studying during the Matric exams (like a 100 years ago), what kept me motivated while studying at varsity and what kept me focussed on what is important when I had some health challenges towards the end of last year. I’ve put together a […] Read more…

It’s a new world


And so, after many years of trying and changing and dreaming, iRock Coaching has finally seen the light. It’s been like a seed that was planted, had germinated and is now able to grow, because a good dose of manure was administered. (You know what I mean – I’ve been through a lot of….) It […] Read more…

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