Don’t support the “End violence against women and girls” campaign


I posted the following message on Facebook yesterday and it seems to have struck a nerve. I will not be supporting the UNiTE to end violence against women campaign and here’s why. I believe what we focus on grows (Appreciative Inquiry principle). The toolkit provided by the United Nations Secretary-General’s Campign UNiTE, contains the word […] Read more…

His Suicide Changed my life


With the passing of Robin Williams in the past couple of days, a lot of attention is being given to people with depression and subsequent suicides. Suicide in particular has come up in almost every conversation I’ve been involved in the past couple of days and I’ve witnessed some really surprising attitudes about suicide. People […] Read more…

How to survive the Christmas Holidays


It is that time of year, when we are all getting ready for Christmas. Family and friends might be visiting and who knows who else will show up at your door step? My friends and I have been talking about how one would survive this time, especially when you are living at the coast as […] Read more…

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