Work life balance

5 Ways to increase productivity


When you’re working from home you should always be looking for ways to increase your productivity. More work done in less time means more time to kick back, relax and have fun. Here are a few suggestions that can really make a difference: 1. Keep a daily routine Some people who are new to working […] Read more…

Who is in charge of your time?


Wow, can you believe we are in August already? I’ve been catching up onĀ  some reading and found this amazing book written by Scott Duffy ” Launch – The critical 90 days from idea to market”. I came across this book as part of the research I’m doing about developing small business owners. The book […] Read more…

Are your clients abusing you?


The past couple of months have been crazy busy. I’ve literally had more work than I could comfortably handle. Exactly what every solopreneur wishes for, right? Most of my friends who are also entrepreneurs are really happy for me and many of them have voiced that they wish they could also be that busy. But […] Read more…

Sometimes doing nothing is the best thing


How can doing nothing be the best thing? There is a business to be run, clients to serve, marketing to be done, websites to update, admin to be completed – how on earth can one do nothing. Well sometimes life throws you a curveball and you don’t have much of a choice. Let me explain. […] Read more…

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