Laser Coaching

Avoid Burnout by having a coach on demand who has your back at all times.

No need to wait for ages to get an appointment or be limited to only one or two sessions a month.

This package provides unlimited laser coaching (15 min  sessions) to break down what feels overwhelming to you as and when you need it.


$997 for the full year.


What is laser coaching?

“Laser coaching is a specialised coaching technique and approach that promotes quick alignment, a rapid sense of relief, and a way of quickly unblocking someone who may have felt stuck in their way of thinking for a long time.” – Thomas Leonard

Who is this for?

  • This is ideal for busy professionals and leaders who are under pressure and need a solution quickly.
  • This is also for you if you consider yourself being time starved and super busy all the time and don’t have the time for long drawn out coaching sessions. You are ready to engage and get to the point.
  • Ideally suited to people with relationships issues such as a problem with your boss.
  • You have clearly defined one-off issues

this is NOT for you if:

  • You don’t want to be challenged
  • You think you have all the answers
  • If you need lots of time to reflect and think about things

How does it work?

Once I’ve received your payment, we start with a 30 min session where you provide context on your situation so I know where we need to focus our attention.

You then schedule your 15 min session.

During each of our coaching sessions we will:

  • discuss your progress
  • determine what you need to do
  • decide on a specific action that will be your homework

We will work in a highly focused manner and I’ll send you questions prior to the session, designed to ensure that you do the thinking needed to be really well prepared.

With your permission, I’ll record each session and send you the recording upon completion of our session. You can listen to the session as many times as you like – it’s yours forever.

You can sign up for your next session as soon as your homework is complete. This is the golden rule. You must do the homework. No completed homework = no next session.

What If I can’t do the homework?

Then please email me so I can support you in either getting it done or revising the actions we agreed on.

Is there a payment plan?

No. I’m offering this coaching at a deeply discounted rate and can’t possibly add a payment plan.

What about refunds?

If, after the first 30 min session, you are not convinced that this coaching is right for you, I’ll refund your full fee. No questions asked.

I first want to to speak to you directly before I make a decision. Can I do that?

Off course you can. Email me here to set up a call time.


You can easily sign up here. I’ll send you an invoice and a link to schedule your initial session.