Next Evolution


Are you in that funky space where you have just completed a chapter of your life and wondering what’s next?

Perhaps a project you’ve been working on came to close, or you got divorced or lost a loved one.

You got fired for speaking your mind.

You’ve just moved to a new town and need to get up and running again, ’cause you’re starting over.

Perhaps the job you’re in has lost it’s sparkle and you’re looking for something more exciting and challenging, but not quite sure what it is yet. You may have sold your business and trying to figure out what your next move will be.

You can’t stand being in the space you’re in now.

You feel trapped.

Small talk drives you crazy and your brain is longing for that intellectual stimulation. You know something has to change, because your body is starting to show some weird symptoms you can’t explain. You have a strong desire to figure out what your next move is and you want it to happen quickly.

You’re smart.

You’ve learned a lot from life and you might have some academics to back that up. You are good at what you do. But what used to be magic now seems mundane. You feel guilty because you are so “fortunate” and should love your life, but you don’t. And none of your friends seem to get that. More than anything else you desire freedom to live life on your terms and do good in the world.




So if this describes you then I invite you to



During this transformational experience you will:

  • Discover with unprecedented clarity what your next move will be
  • Create step-by-step, yet flexible path of what actions you need to take.
  • Break free from living a caged life to live with meaning and inspiration.
  • Apply your unique gifts to create more significance and impact in the world.
  • Feel more energetic and alive – get your spark back.
  • Awaken to making your impossible future possible.
  • Slay those time wasting dragons and focus only on what gets you results.
  • How being YOU will propel you forward much quicker.
  • Vanquish that “monkey mind” once and for all and become super focused on achieving your hearts desire.
  • Have that conversation with your significant other so they are on board to support your transformation.


  • Extraordinary support
  • Accountability like it’s from another universe – I won’t let you fail.
  • To work hard and feel tremendously accomplished.
  • Templates, tools and techniques that actually work.
  • Focused coaching for 8 weeks




  • You Are willing to play full out, even if it scares you.
  • You Are committed to showing up ready at every session.
  • You Are able to meet the financial investment – it’s sizable.
  • You Are able to take responsibility for your actions.
  • You Want to make a bigger impact in the world.

The Next Evolution 8 week intensive covers four specific modules, delivered over a period of 8 weeks. You will have access to an online platform together with live coaching calls.

Module 1 – How to set a bullet proof foundation for reinventing yourself

  • Discover the most important questions you need to ask and answer before you start your reinvention journey.
  • Learn how to get motivated, change your attitude and stop comparing yourself to others.
  • Why most women(and sometimes men) over 40 use multitasking in a way that doesn’t get results. This not only keeps you stuck but also destroys your confidence and focus.
  • Find out the one thing you must include on your reinvention plan that most people forget
  • Master the core elements of real change and learn the keys to ask for what you want in a way that’s full of integrity, transparency and compassion.
  • Unlock the simple psychology to reinvent yourself in 8 easy steps.

Module 2 – Overcome the most debilitating reinvention mistakes – fast

  • Discover why the IROCK+method to positive transformation can be your best secret weapon ever.
  • Understand the top 5 types of change myths/mistakes that almost everyone falls into and learn how to quickly fix them.
  • Understand how to optimize your daily routine to increase your energy.
  • Transform your workspace in 3 simple steps into a much better productivity power space.
  • Get the easy to use “Who Cares What Others Think Mindmap” that makes reinventing yourself 10 x more effortless and fun, especially if you struggle with change.
  • Learn how to make confident choices to avoid decision fatigue.

Module 3 – How to instantly and dramatically improve your reinvention results through using the magic of neuroscience

  • Understand the difference between brain, mind, body and spirit so you can take control of your life.
  • The must use neuroscience hack that saves time and trains your brain to follow exact instructions.
  • Leverage the power of neuroscience and psychology to drive up confidence and end unhealthy thinking.
  • Set the building blocks to quickly create new positive habits that improves goal achievement
  • Must follow do’s and don’t’s for creating new habits without looking like you’ve gone crazy.

Module 4 – The most powerful reinvention strategies that no one teaches or talks about

  • Simple, fool proof methods to avoid procrastination and never again get caught with feeling not good enough.
  • Our little known, secret stash of online tools and resources that we rely on everyday to keep us reinventing on multiple levels.
  • Step by step exercises that ensure your transformation is 100% aligned to YOU, and still creates strong relationships.
  • Get a failproof framework that’ll help you quickly create a language of success
  • Use the Ultimate Reinvent Yourself checklist to make sure you’re not wasting your time and energy on useless activities.
  • Discover key frameworks to have the conversations with the people around you who have to support your transformation or will be affected by it.
  • Learn how to communicate in a confident way, especially if you have clients/friends who are taking advantage of you.





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