Irock Method

The sole purpose of the IROCK+ method is to bring about positive transformation – not information or just any transformation. I specifically designed it to create positive transformation for people who want to make a bigger impact in the world through connecting with their core and applying progressive ( and quite often provocative) thinking.

You are invited to participate in an inquiry. Inquiry means to make a formal investigation and is derived from the Latin word inquirere based on quarere, which means “to seek”. We seek to get to the core of you and how you desire to show up in the world.

We do this through 5 very specific invitations.

The 5 Invitations

1. Open yourself to the possibility that you are not here for the reason that you think you are.

2. Listen for insight and not agreement. Listen in order to “seek to understand”. when you let go of “being right” you open up a whole new world of possibility. You don’t have to choose either/or. You could choose both/and.

3. Listen with a growth mindset, not a fixed mindset. Your mind is pliable and not made of concrete. Allow it the flexibility to expand. Listen for what could be possible. What if the impossible could become possible. What is your impossible future?

4. Listen for distinctions. Listen for the contrast between seemingly similar things. Listen for the excellence that sets you apart from others.

5. Listen deeper. Listen between the words. Listen to what your soul is whispering. Listen to what your body is saying.

Insights turned into action are what shift the world – Rich Litvin


There are specific conditions that make a contribution to you being your best self. One can be technically proficient at something, but it does not mean that it is the best thing for you or that it brings out the best in you. When you know and understand exactly what the conditions are that bring out the best in you, you can consciously create this wherever you are.

We take this even further in inquiring about

what gives you life and expands your energy?

There are 4 specific areas to pay attention to when considering life giving experiences:

People, places, situations and physical/concrete items.

These four areas form the basis of the Energy Assessment. What gives you energy and what drains your energy? Do more of what gives you energy and eliminate what drains your energy.


To observe means to perceive something and register it as significant. Intent denotes a specific purpose. So we engage in a process of perceiving that which is significant in your life with the purpose of transforming it into a positive state.


There are 5 levels of observation with specific questions for each of these levels. We start from the outside observing situations and then moving a level deeper each time through body, emotions, mind and then zoning in on your core.

1. Situations

2. Body

3. Emotions

4. Mind

5. Inner Core


We distinguish between what you are doing, what you are thinking and who your are being through applying the Transcendence Triangle. When we focus on who and what we are being, change at the level of thinking and doing happens rapidly. We are human beings, not human doings or human thoughts. We’ve forgotten how to be, because we get caught up in all the doing and thinking. When you focus on who you are being, decisions become a lot easier to make. Being in this world means that you know what you stand for and what you stand against. What do you stand for? What are you truly passionate about?what are you not willing to compromise?

At a transactional level we apply the “More Than Principle”. This means that every encounter you have with another human being leaves both of you “more than” you before.

We remove all doubt when we know and accept who we are. We become more powerful. For example, one of my clients describes herself as an introvert. She came to me thinking that in order for her to make a bigger impact in the world she had to become more extraverted – in other words becoming something she is not. The mere thought of selling a product was terrifying to her although she knew she had to. We explored what it would mean if she relaxed into:

  1. Being who you are (more introverted)
  2. Fully embraced being more introverted in all areas of her life. What could she stop doing/pretending and what could she do in stead that she really loved?
  3. Getting her message out into the world in a way that was in alignment with her core values and being. What style of “selling”/Story telling would suit her best and what particular channels to avoid that are out of alignment with her core values.

When we use the IROCK+ method we work at three different levels when it comes to knowledge.

  1. Remembering/uncovering what you already know to be true. An easy exercise you could also do is to list The 10 Things I Know For Sure. When you speak from a place of authenticity and knowing because you’ve lived it, you have tremendous power and freedom. You don’t need anybody’s validation or praise, because you know what you know. No-one can take that away from you.
  2. Uncovering what you know is not true and vanquishing limiting beliefs. What served you as a child or when you were younger/in a different situation, may no longer serve you now. what stopped you previously or held you back from making a bigger impact, may not be true anymore.
  3. Co – creating new knowledge. When you engage in critical self-reflection, reading, studying, observing and working with a coach, together you co-create. We don’t create in isolation.

Now, more than ever, our world needs positive transformation. Not just change for the sake of changing. The entire IROCK+ method is framed from an appreciative worldview. This often requires quite a mindshift to find the things we can appreciate about a situation/person or circumstance when everything around us seems to be negative and dire.

The language we use on a daily basis can transform our lives and create a bigger impact in the world.

Our words, create our world.

This part of the method teaches you:

1. How to connect with your core, even in the midst of perceived chaos and how to turn tough situations into positive and uplifting experiences.

2. How you can program your brain to do whatever you tell it to do.

3. How to “allow” the perceived impossible to become possible for you. (Travel to a dream destination, holiday with a friend, new car, new house, exceptional relationships with family/children, healthier body)