5 Ways you are neglecting yourself right now

Self-care is a popular trending hashtag right now. It describes the practice of deliberately looking after yourself. That means sleeping well, it means taking the occasional bubble bath, and it means grooming.

The popularity of this movement is of course born out of the sheer importance of looking after ourselves. Failure to do so is liable to result in illness, and to prevent us from performing at our very best.

But before we start “adding” things to our routines to try and be healthier and happier, perhaps it makes sense to look at our current routines first – and to identify the ways in which we aren’t taking care of ourselves.

Here are some prime examples.

You Punish Yourself for Mistakes

Punishing yourself for past mistakes is a common mistake, but no less destructive for it. When we punish ourselves, we essentially lack compassion for ourselves and we treat ourselves with unfair expectations. We all make mistakes, so why force yourself to relive them?

Ask this: would you treat someone else this way?

You Don’t Get Enough Sleep

This is another extremely common mistake: to work hard and long, or just to fail to think about your health; and thus to not get enough sleep.

This has major deleterious effects over time, that will ware down your health, mood, and drive.

You Never Go to the Doctor

Does this one sound familiar? Again, it’s a case of treating yourself with less dignity and care than you would show a stranger. How many times have you told friends and relatives they should see a doctor? Isn’t it time you took your own advice?

You Don’t Rest and Relax

Another serious mistake that many people make is not resting and relaxing enough. When was the last time you kicked your legs up on the couch, put on a good movie, and just enjoyed the peace and quiet?

When was the last time you read a good book? Or just sat outside and looked at the sky?

You Work Late

Working late is another extremely common example of putting your own needs last. We place so much pressure on ourselves to perform, that we are happy to let it grind down our energy and our health. Not only does this rob us of the free time we deserve, but it actually isn’t productive. Countless studies show that most of the work we do late at night is ineffective and not urgent!

Just try going home on time tomorrow, and see if it noticeably impacts your working week!