The most relaxing way to spend your day off.

Much of life is nothing but a mad rush from our beds to the place where we work and back again. We’ll spend a great deal of our time in meetings or sitting in front of the computer and for many of us that’s not really what we’d like to be doing. 

As such then it’s important to make sure that we look for other ways to spend our time when we’re not forced to go to work and that we really make the most of our spare time when we get the opportunity. Here we will look at some of the ways you can unwind on your days off… 

Go to a Spa 

Spas are of course ideal for relaxing and are entirely devised with that purpose in mind. When you visit the spa you’ll be able to relax in the hot tub, to sweat out toxins in the sauna and to cool off by having a swim. If you have a little more money to spare though you’ll also be able to pay for treatments which means even more indulgence as you get massages and manicures to help your skin and muscles feel like putty. 

Go Fishing 

Fishing is one of the most relaxing hobbies out there. It’s addictive and challenge but it still requires a lot of sitting  and waiting in the sun – which is fine by most people. Going fishing is a great way to keep yourself busy while you sit and enjoy a good book or a nice cup of tea in the sun. It’s also a fun activity to enjoy with friends and can make for a surprisingly sociable day out. 

Rent a Boat 

Boat isn’t too expensive, but it provides a brilliant way to relax and unwind in the sun. Take some drinks with you and a good book or some friends, and you can enjoy soaking up some sun while you enjoy the relaxing rocking of the boat and the amazing views it affords. If you enjoy fishing or swimming then you can also enjoy both these activities from your boat. 


If you have a family and don’t want to spend the Earth, then just heading to your local park with some food and a rug to eat it off of is a great way to enjoy relaxing and getting some sun. Good food and relaxation is a match made in heaven…