Goal Mapping Workshop

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15 September, 22 October, 19 November


For high achievers, consultants,business owners and professionals.


If the thought of sitting through another goal setting workshop makes you want to chew your arm off, then this is for you.

It’s different. It’s high energy and gets results fast.

In this morning session, you get to design a year that rocks, whether from a business or personal perspective. I show you step-by-step how to create a year of your dreams, together with mapping out the key steps you need to take every month to make it happen. You’ll leave this session with a clear 12 month plan – all on one page. No need for multiple pages and endless sticky notes that get lost.

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15 September 2020

22 October 2020

19 November 2020


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e-mail judyjvr@irockcoaching.co.za or

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What people are saying about this workshop


“I’m so glad we didn’t do the outdoor stuff – I actually have a practical plan now” – OD Consultant

“I feel motivated to try harder. You made me think things through that I took for granted.” – Head of Department.

“I have direction as to how to achieve my goals now. I liked the step-by-step, practical approach.” – Teacher

“This program created a platform for staff members to communicate freely.”- Educator

“It is great that we were able to address the concerns and ideas on how to improve working relationships – I feel a lot more motivated and realise I need to adopt a more positive approach.”

“The physical chart we completed allowed for really good and useful feedback.” – Trustee

“I learned how to prioritize, to engage with others and identify the skills required to complete the job.” – IT specialist

“I loved the all-in-one approach. The poster is going up on my office wall where I can see it everyday.” – HR business process leader

“We had enough time for discussing issues that needed to surface. I liked the inter activeness – not just watching and listening. I could say what I wanted to say.” IT – Business Process Leader

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