Irock+ Method

The Irock process kicks of with an invitation to an inquiry. Listen deeply to what is being said and what is not being said. Listen for insights. Keep an open mind and let go of the need to be right. Consider that alternative possibilities may exist at the same time. Ask yourself really good questions, framed in the positive. What might be possible for you? What would you love to create in the next 12 months? What would life be like if you were to create your all of your life’s wealth in the next 12 months?

Consider when your are at your best. What are those moments that make your heart sing, that make you feel alive, like you can achieve anything?

Consider the people, places, circumstances that surround you at moments of extraordinary performance.

What gives you life and what drains your energy?

Who are the people you love spending time with? Who should you rather avoid?
What is your favourite place in the world? What kind of places make you feel overwhelmed and tired?
Which situations allow you to be at your best? Which ones make you want to shrink and run away?
Does your physical space reflect the kind of person you want to be? Does it lift and inspire you? Are there areas with clutter and unfinished projects?

Observe as if for the first time, what is happening around you. The levels of observation depicted in the image will guide you in this journey.

It’s easier to start form the outside and work towards the core. What are the situations you find yourself in on a regular basis? Who are you in those situations and what role are you playing? Become aware of your body. What sensations do you experience and where in your body do you feel it? What emotions might be attached to those physical aspects? Is the pain in your shoulder an indication that you carry too much weight on your shoulders. Is the pain in your knee an indication that you don’t have the support you might need for the current situation. What are the thoughts you are constantly thinking? Are they your thoughts, or can you recognise your mother/father/caregiver/teacher in the things you are thinking. Do you tend to see the good in most things or are you focussed on what could go wrong. Who are you really, when no-one is around. When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you like what you see and do you want to spend time with that person in the mirror?

Once we start paying attention and intensely observe what is happening around us and within us, we start to see the world more clearly. Situations that were difficult to comprehend before, now become easy to understand and the action we need to take becomes clear. We can know move towards taking conscious action and start creating our lives instead of being a victim of life.

We become aware of new knowledge that exists, because we have paid attention to our inner and outer world and have a clearer sense of direction. We can know distinguish between being, thinking and doing.

The Triangle of Trancendence allows us to move through different levels. In some instances we are physically doing and transacting. this level does not require much thought and often requires a lot of effort. Once we start thinking differently about our lives, our beliefs and experiences, transformation can take place. There is tremendous joy and freedom once we are able to step into being. When you are being a leader, you can relax becuase you know who you are and what is required of a leader. You no longer have to do leadership or think to hard about it. When you embrace being a leader it means that you are a leader in all areas of your life as parent, in your community, at work, at school, in friendly situations. You allow your leadership to shine though.