Are you a leader who is exhausted and have lost the love for what you are doing?

Have you been giving so much, that there is almost nothing left to give anymore? Do you long for a transformation where you have that spark back to perform at your best? All you want is to take care of yourself again.

It’s a magical moment when a man or a woman connects with his/her core higher self and realises how powerful she is, when she is herself. That secret smile, when their face lights up and they “see” their core ( sometimes for the first time).

Do you still remember who you once dreamed of becoming?

It’s in that moment that they realise where they belong in this world and what they are here to accomplish. I use story and archetypes to help them discover who they are. They become energised and excited to play full out. There’s a special confidence that emanates right from the core that no-one can take away from them. It’s a powerful and sacred moment.

I love witnessing deep transformation.

Once a man or woman connects with that deep core self, their world changes and they change the world. She starts to expand love and peace and light. And how our world urgently, now more than ever, requires this love and light. Requires new thinking, different thinking, progressive thinkers to take action and create a different environment. Our world requires people who are alive, awake and engaged in what they do on a daily basis. We can’t allow ourselves to become overworked, burnt out zombies. With this new found power, a man or woman is now able to effect changes in their home, work and community through using their unique blend of skill and experience for the benefit of all to really live the “more than” principle. read more about that here.

Their words and actions bring comfort and at the same time inspire action in others to create a world where authentic living is possible. I believe the words we speak have tremendous power. Our words literally create our world. What we speak about we create. This is one of the core principles of Appreciative Inquiry – the Poetic Principle. How are the words you speak on a daily basis creating your world? Are you speaking words of love, growth, abundance and expansion or are you speaking words that create conflict, scarcity and contraction? You get to choose what kind of world you create.

The people I work with get this. they know in their heart this is who they are, even if they find themselves in highly constrained working environments. They often think to themselves: “the world can’t continue like this, things are getting out of hand, this can’t possibly be the way to live, what am I doing and who am I doing this for?, there must be more to life that working to get a paycheck at the end of each month.

They are concerned about the kind of world we are creating and what kind of world their children, grand children and great grand children will live in. They are concerned about what we are doing to the planet, how we are treating each other as human beings.

They often wonder: “Am I the only one thinking about these things? The majority of other people don’t seem to get me or my ideas – they think I’m a little weird.”

They are high achievers, often stuck in a corporate or professional role, feeling like their creative/freethinking spirit is dying a slow and painful death under the oppression of what the masses think. They feel caged, boxed in and want to break free.

If this is you, I invite you to explore Lead Like A Hero

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