The “more than” principle

What is the More Than Principle?
The “More Than” Principle is a core belief I hold in my work and daily living. It works like this: I believe that every encounter I have with another human being, should leave both of us “more than” we were before. It does not matter whether it’s my most important client, my gardener, a stranger on the street or the young girl at the check out till. when I show you compassion and kindness, something happens to both of us. There is a positive energy exchange. I feel good because something in you changes when I show you compassion, love and kindness. You feel different, because someone shows that they give damn. Both of us are more than we were before. Just imagine what the world would be like when we can create this experience wherever we go.

Sometimes we are so quick to judge others, but we don’t know their story and until you’ve listened to someone to hear their story, you really have no right to judge them.

There is something quite magical in giving someone the most powerful experience of being listened to. To focus on the individual in front of you and pay attention only to them. To see them, all of them and see their soul.

Think about the last time someone really listened to you. How did that make you feel? There is a special connection that’s difficult to put into words, but you’ve felt it before and you know what I’m talking about.

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Let’s make the world a better place.