What is your dominant archetype?

Archetypes are derived from the work of renowned psychologist, Carl Jung and more recently Carol Pearson. An archetype is a behavioural pattern that occurs across cultures, time and space so often, that it becomes a universal human experience.

Although many different archetypes have been mapped (over 300), I prefer to work with the combination of 12 as indicated in the image.

Each archetype is motivated and driven differently.

The Outlaw, Magician and Hero all want to leave their mark in the world or make a bigger impact. For the Lover, Jester and Everyman connection to others is what drives them. The Caregiver, Artist and Ruler want to provide structure. The Innocent, Sage and Explorer want to experience life through a spiritual lens.

Let’s look at each of the archetype in a bit more detail.


The Innocent wants to be happy and they want to do things the right way. they tend to be highly optimistic and others may also see them as dreamers. Their biggest fear is to do something wrong or do something that others may not like. They tend to want to please others.


The Everyman archetype is also referred to as the girl or guy next door or orphan. For them it is essential to feel that they belong. Above all else they want to connect with others. They want to fit in and be part of a community, so inclusion is important. They fear being excluded or left out in any social situation.


The Caregiver’s motto is to “Love your neighbour as you love yourself”. As the name indicates they want to care for and protect others. Their talents are likely to be perceived as being generous and supportive. Because the caregiver wants to do good for others, they risk being exploited by others and need to be aware of that. When working with a Caregiver, remember to thank them for what they have done.


The Hero is also known as the warrior or dragon slayer. We often see the hero in movies and it is easy to relate to them. The Hero wants to leave a legacy and believes that where there is a will, there is a way. You’ll recognise the hero through their courageous acts, always trying to prove their worth. They fear weakness and vulnerability. The Hero/Warrior may get caught up in searching for another battle to fight, when it isn’t always necessary.


The Explorer wants to experience a rich and more fulfilling life. The want to travel and explore new places, people and experiences. They hate being bored or being fenced in or trapped. They are often referred to as the pilgrim or wanderer and may find it hard to settle down in one place.


For the Lover Archetype intimacy and connection with others is vital. Relationships on different levels with people, their work and the environment really energises them. To be unwanted, unloved or alone is one of their greatest fears.


The Creator or Artist lives by the motto that if you can imagine it, you can do it. They love to bring their vision to fruition and create something of enduring value. They are known for their imagination and creativity. The down side is that they may tend to get caught up in wanting everything to be perfect or just right all the time.


The Outlaw want to leave his mark on the world and overturn the systems and structures in society that are not working. They believe that rules are made to be broken. They fear being powerless or having their power being taken away from them. They value freedom and tend to be disruptors. When they get out of control they may cross over to the dark side and get involved in crime.


The Ruler wants to be in control and live by the motto that “Power isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.” They want to create success for their families and community. They are typically seen as leaders. Because they value structure, they fear chaos most. The Ruler might struggle with delegation.


The magician wants to make dreams come true. They need to understand the laws of the universe and the rules of the game. They typically develop a particular vision and live by it. The magician is also known as a healer, visionary, catalyst or charismatic leader. Their dark side tends to include becoming manipulative.


The Sage is also known as the Thinker or Philosopher. They yearn to find the truth in every situation and tend to be quite analytical. They fear being mislead the most. The Sage tends to think things through carefully and spends time reflecting on self and interaction with others. They may get caught up in analysis paralysis and not take action when it is required.


The Jester or Trickster believes that you only live once. They want to live in the moment and strive for joy. They want to have a great time and add some lightness to the world. They hate being bored and tend to be the life of the party. At their worst they tend to be superficial and would waste time on silly things.

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