Lead is an Executive Coaching program aimed at current and emerging leaders who want to create extraordinary relationships in the workplace. To qualify for this program you need to be in a leadership position where you have responsibility for managing the performance of others. You should be in a position where you are a decision maker and have some level of influence with regard to business processes within your organisation. You have overall responsibility for your department or functional area within the organisiation.

Senior leaders in organisations face tremendous pressure in meeting their targets when relationships at work are at odds. elements like understanding a VUCA world, different generations within the work place, digital advancements, the Fourth Industrial Revolution and globalisation all contribute to the relationships becoming really complex. The strategies and tactics that worked up until a few years ago, are just not cutting it anymore.

My approach to coaching

My approach to coaching is rooted in Appreciative Inquiry (as developed by David Cooperrider) as core transformations theory. Appreciative Inquiry has a strong track record backed by solid research as one of the most effective methodologies to effect positive change within organisations and individuals. The coaching appraoch is operationalised through iRock+coaching conversations and supported by the Leadership Dashboard ( as developed by the Centre for Executive Coaching).

Each program is designed to meet organisation specific needs and is alignend with the overall organisational strategy. It is vital that CEO and Board Level support is provided for the leaders on this program. The Leader’s Dashboard serves as a personal and professional guiding system to ensure alignment between leader and the organisation. A series of themed coaching conversation are crafted with the input of the relevant leaders. The focus of the coaching program is to create tie to think and apply new insights on real world problems. This program is facilitated by experienced coaches, with strong background in people development and leadership.

How we implement

Agreement must be reached on the required outcome and results to be delivered by the coaching intervention. The use of assessments is highly recommended. EQ assessments as well as 360 degree behavioural interview with subordinates/peers/direct supervisor/other key relationships such as clients or suppliers in addition to any existing psychometric or leadership assessment results are used to gather data about the leader and his/her behaviours.Based on the assessment results and consultations with the direct supervisor of the leader, specific development goals will be agreed upon for the 6 – 10 session period of coaching. To this end the use of the Leadership Dashboard will be useful in focusing attention on key initiatives and assisting leaders to track their progress on a monthly basis.

The Leader’s Dashboard allows leaders to keep track of their vision, mission, values, their edge, strategic priorities, metrics for success, relationships and how to become more effective. Completing the Leaders’ Dashboard requires the leader to think, reflect, get advice and input from others, and prioritize. It provides opportunity for the leader to focus at both individual level and organisational level, as well as integrating the two.

Once assessments have been completed, coaching can commence. The leader will receive 6 – 10 coaching sessions over a period of 6 -9 months. It is recommended to start with the first 3 sessions at intervals of 2 weeks in order to build momentum and then to proceed with monthly sessions. Coaching is delivered via Zoom and in-person sessions.

Comprehensive Assessment

Part of our coaching program includes comprehensive psychometric assessment. We believe it is essential for each leader to know what their strengths are so they can capitalise on them, but then also have an understanding of weaker areas, so they can hire for those areas of weakness. Each leader is provided with specific feedback regarding their Emotional intelligence Level, Leadership Style, Thinking Style, Decision Making Style and Risk Profile.

Structure of the program

  • Intake session
  • Facilitated over 6 – 9 months
  • Meetings with key stakeholders to understand the complexity of the environment and what needs to be achieved within the coaching intervention
  • Written action plan with behavioural outcomes
  • Introduction to the Leadership Dashboard
  • Clear measures of success
  • 360 degree interviews
  • Up to 12 coaching sessions ( a blend of Zoom sessions and in person meetings)
  • Satisfaction survey
  • Feedback to relevant Executive/CEO/Board Members
  • Comprehensive assessment of emotional intelligence, personality, communication skills and conflict management style
  • Intensive practical implementation of learning on real world situations

Programs start from R65 000 per person.

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