Coaching packages

Now you can select your coaching package according to the amount of support you need. Previously clients could only work with me on a long term basis, but I’ve realised that needs change and sometimes you need to get going quickly. Sometimes you need support immediately and only for a short time. Other times you might require a little more support.

For many people it will be the first time working remotely from home and they need to get themselves settled. Now might be a time to use a life coach to help you get started and settled in quickly. You need to get organised and productive quickly.

Each coaching session is 60 minutes and highly focused. You will receive preparation guides to help you focus your thinking and make each session count. Between each session you will have email and whatsapp support.

You can easily schedule your sessions via this website through our online booking system. All calls are conducted via Zoom.

Kick start (3 session package) – R4250

Move (6 session life coaching package) – R5700

Keep going (9 session life coaching package) – R8550

You might be stressed out or concerned about your health. Wondering how you will be able to work from home or if you even will have work at all. Perhaps you just need to brainstorm a couple of ideas right now and need a different perspective.

Here are just a few ways in which clients use my coaching services:

  • Brain storming strategies together
  • Clarifying goals
  • Implement new work/business strategies
  • Support, encouragement, and validation
  • Insight into who you are and your potential
  • Painting a vision of what you can become or accomplish
  • Exploring possibilities and building on past success
  • Accountability; checking up on goals
  • Suggesting or designing action steps that lead to greater effectiveness and joy

Not sure what package is right for you or want to know more, then contact me for a free 30 min call