Lead Like A Hero

from stressed out to superhero

The crisis you are facing right now requires a different version of you.


Right now you might be feeling like you are in the middle of a shitstorm. It’s been another night of lying awake, tossing and turning. You’ve got to get results and fast.

You’ve been thrown into a new role and you are secretly doubting if you can really do it. There is so much to do and so much to learn. You feel like you’re wondering a bit without really knowing where you’re going and deeply desire some clarity on your purpose and vision. The goal posts keep changing. People keep changing. You have a team that you would never have selected yourself. All the data and changing circumstances is causing a lot of confusion and it’s difficult to decide what to do. If you could just access your inner wisdom to make better decisions you know things will work out. It feels like the rollercoaster ride of a lifetime, without the thrill. In fact, when no-one is watching, you feel like you want to lock yourself in the bathroom and throw up.

But there is no way in hell you are going to admit that to anyone, because everyone is expecting you to be successful.

You have a track record of success and you don’t want to screw that up.

It’s just that right now you’re at your wits end. The old strategies and tactics that worked so well for you in the past are just not working anymore and you are starting to feel like you’re out of options. Somewhere deep down you’re afraid and that’s keeping you from taking action. You wish there was a way to connect with your courageous self and take the action required.

It feels like it’s getting so darn hard to come up with solutions. It feels like you’re being paralyzed by all the changes and you wish you knew what to focus on. If someone could give you some useful and honest feedback, things would be so much better. Your usual creative brain feels all fuzzy and you are struggling to find the clarity you always used to have. You wish you could just find the time so sit and think for a moment and clear your head.

But your phone keeps ringing and the Whatsapps never seem to end, not to mention the 371 emails sitting in your inbox.

It’s fucking exhausting.

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My dear leader, you are faced with three very significant challenges right now:

  1. You are stuck in a leadership paradigm that’s no longer working in the world we live in at the present moment.
  2. You haven’t learned how to use the power of your word to your advantage.
  3. Your inner hero is dormant, because it’s not been activated yet, so you’re missing key resources to navigate the shit storm you’re currently facing.

It’s not your fault.

You were never taught how to discover your superpowers and unleash your inner hero for a time such as this.

But that can all change…

Imagine for a moment that you’ve discovered your superpowers in very specific detail and you are now able to harness them at will in any leadership situation. Your mind is clear and you know with crystal clarity what your vision and purpose is.

With the power of your word, you can create whatever you want, whenever you want…

which in your case means with ease, grace and speed.

Imagine having superior clarity of thought, exceptional communication ability and the know how to influence anyone. You are able to dissolve conflict like a pro.

Imagine having an almost unfair advantage of a secret board of advisors that you can draw on at any time in any tough leadership decision that you have to make. They provide you with a steady stream of ideas ready to be implemented.

What would it be like to know that you’ve mastered the art of quality decision making, because you know how to give yourself the time to think and know how to access your inner wisdom.

You are a magician capable of leading like a hero.

You are a hero, capable of leading with magnetism, authenticity, strength and compassion.

You communicate your desires and vision with crystal clarity and inspire action from those around you. You know that your word is one of the most powerful tools you can use as a leader. The things you say to yourself matter and determine your success. You know how to turn dreams into reality by using your word.

Because of your superpowers you are able to overcome obstacles and achieve your specific goals with grace and ease. It appears almost effortless.

Leadership is a personal journey and it always starts with where you are.

When you know what your specific superpowers are and you’ve unleashed your inner hero, you can lead with clarity, confidence and superior communication.

I invite you to take the road less traveled and Lead Like A Hero.

It’s a process of personal transformation from haphazard and hopeless to hero and higher levels of conscious clarity.

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In Lead Like A Hero you will cover the following:

  • Understand that your word is your wand.
  • Know what you stand for and are willing to defend.
  • Find the courage to speak your truth in your authentic voice.
  • Communicate with clarity, confidence and conviction.
  • Communicate your vision with inspiration.
  • Voice your opinion and ideas in a way that does not leave a trail of destruction behind you.
  • Tell your story so people actually listen to you and do what needs to be done.
  • Learn how to activate your secret board of advisors to help you navigate the hero’s leadership journey.

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That’s why you need a guide to help you on this journey.

I’m Judy Janse van Rensburg, an award winning global coaching leader and I’ll be your guide on this journey.

Lead Like a Hero program will help you go from stressed out to leading like a superhero in under 6 months. This program/experience is open by application only and part of the selection process includes a short interview to ensure that this is a good match for you. The program requires a significant financial investment as well as commitment from you to step up as a leader.

The world is calling for you to lead like a hero.

Do you want to make a bigger impact in the world and leave a legacy?

Are you ready to embark on the journey of leading like a hero?

Are you ready to slay some draggons and claim your rightful place in the world?

The problems facing the world are so great that they cannot be addressed solely by a few special people. We all need to bring our best and wisest selves to our workplaces, families and communities.

Carol Pearson

Taking your journey requires you to leave behind the illusion of your insignificance.

Patricia Adson

 If you have any questions about this program/experience please schedule a call with me