Lead Like A Hero

from sleepless and stressed out to superhero in under 6 months

The crisis you are facing right now requires a different version of you.


As leaders we need to step up and lead like heroes in these challenging times. Right now you need to dig deep and really bring your unique gifts to the world. The world can no longer afford for you to hide your superpowers. Your time to shine and make a significant impact in the world is now.

With all the decisions you have to make on a daily basis, time to think and taking clear action is a real problem. You’re probably lying awake at night worried about what direction to take your organisation or department. You’re worried about your team and how you can support them to be more engaged and productive. You’re starting to wonder how you are going to remain relevant in the next few years.

At night it’s difficult to fall asleep as you worry about the future of your family and children, or even your grand children. What kind of a world will there be for them? With all the retrenchments happening, you are secretly wondering if you will be next in line to lose your job. What if the organisation struggles to keep it’s doors open?

You can feel the stress mounting on a daily basis and that glass of whiskey or chardonnay each night is not doing the trick anymore. Everyone is looking to you for answers and you are not sure that you have them. You’re probably finding that the methods and tactics that used to work in the past are no longer working. Everything has changed so fast and you feel like you are suffering from change fatigue. You are not even sure what day it is, but at least you know what month you’re in. Things just seem to be flowing into each other and it’s getting difficult to keep your head above water.

That’s why you need a guide to help you on this journey.

I’m Judy Janse van Rensburg, an award winning global coaching leader and I’ll be your guide on this journey.

Lead Like a Hero program will help you go from stressed out to leading like a superhero in under 6 months. This 6 month program/experience is open by application only and part of the selection process includes a short interview to ensure that this is a good match for you. The program requires a significant financial investment as well as commitment from you to step up as a leader.

The world is calling for you to lead like a hero.

Do you want to make a bigger impact in the world and leave a legacy?

Are you ready to embark on the journey of leading like a hero?

Are you ready to slay some draggons and claim your rightful place in the world?

The problems facing the world are so great that they cannot be addressed solely by a few special people. We all need to bring our best and wisest selves to our workplaces, families and communities.

Carol Pearson

Over the next 6 months you will experience your own unique hero journey that will help you:

This is a 6 month experience where you will receive:

  • 8 Mentoring/coaching sessions from an award winning coach
  • Comprehensive assessments
  • Personal feedback on all the assessments so you know how to implement the information and what actions to take first
  • Specific real world assignments, not just theory
  • Unlimited email support
  • Access to the private Activate Your Archetype FB Group
  • Tools and strategies that are simple to implement
  • Done for you templates that will save you time and provide superior clarity

The Lead Like A Hero experience includes 7 distinct modules of content that is specifically crafted to guide you towards achieving success.

Hearing and answering the call to adventure: where and Who am I?

We take a deep dive into where you are on your current life journey in terms of career, leadership, relationship, health and wealth. You will discover who you are as a leader in various settings and how you can craft your own leadership brand. You will make a specific distinction between doing leadership and being a leader. You will further discover your edge as a leader and what it means to lead like a hero from an archetypal perspective. This module embodies the mindset of a Hero in today’s modern world.

Preparing for the journey: Getting clear on what needs to change.

You will learn the 8 steps to prepare for change as well as the SSC method for gaining clarity in 6 specific leadership areas. By crafting your highest vision for yourself you will also set clear intentions for your journey. I’ll help you identify the energy drainers and how to eliminate them quickly and efficiently. You will further design your own Decision Matrix that will provide you with clarity and a guidance system for even the toughest decisions.

Dealing with challenges and temptations of overwork.

In this module you will uncover your secret to overcome any challenge. Understanding your archetype will help you to preempt temptations and know what to work on and when. You will uncover your optimal work rhythm and find freedom in scheduling your time to think. You will learn how to apply the RACI method and identify your key helpers to delegate all those elements that are not in your zone of genius.

Slaying and loving your inner dragons.

This is likely to be the most challenging part of the journey for you. It is also the most exciting and liberating part. Here you get to face your inner dragons. We thoroughly deal with overwhelm, fear, guilt and shame. In this module you get to let go of baggage and anything that no longer serves your highest calling.

Claiming your treasure/reward: Discovering your gift.

In this module you will understand and embody the “knowing”. This is where a lot of the magic happens.

Learn how to embrace your gift and use it as a leader.

The Reinvented You.

We take stock of who you are now and what you know for sure. You’ll be equipped to stand in your truth, know how to communicate from a place of confidence and authenticity, as well as own your space as a Hero. It’s a celebration of the Reinvented You.

The Return and integration back in the workplace.

Nobody teaches this the way I do. This is part of my edge that I’ll be teaching very specifically. You will learn what to share with others, what to keep sacred and how to communicate the change that you have experienced in a way that inspires others. You will be introduced to 2 specific Conversation methodologies that will enhance your relationships with co-workers, family and friends. You will also have the opportunity to identify new journey takers.

Taking your journey requires you to leave behind the illusion of your insignificance.

Patricia Adson

 If you have any questions about this program/experience please schedule a call with me directly at www.irockcoaching.co.za/talk