Who is in charge of your time?

Wow, can you believe we are in August already? LaunchI’ve been catching up on  some reading and found this amazing book written by Scott Duffy ” Launch – The critical 90 days from idea to market”. I came across this book as part of the research I’m doing about developing small business owners. The book is written in a really user friendly manner by someone who talks like an entrepreneur and not a lecturer.

One of the key concepts discussed in this book is how we, as entrepeneurs/mompreneurs/business owners manage our time – especially when it come to exercise. Now I just hang on a second before you start running away from time management.

I’ve personally been struggling with this aspect.


Where do I find the time to exercise when I’ve got clients to see, proposals to write, kids to cart around, do shopping and maintain a household?

I think about this every morning as I pass a bunch of runners and cyclists on my way to drop the kids at school. How come these people can find the time to exercise and I just don’t seem to be able to figure it out? What are they doing that I am not doing?

I’ve worked with my own coach (more than one) to help me figure this out and find a way that works. I’ve even coached clients on this particular aspect, because I’m all about “freeing up more time”. It’s a case of Physician – heal thyself!

Whilst reading Mr Duffy’s book, I was struck by a thought. Not just a tiny “Hmm, that’s interesting” type of thought, but a “holy moly – I finally get it” type of thought. You see, I am in charge of my time. Did you get that? Who is in charge of my time? – I AM.timeclock

I am the one saying yes to appointments when I should be saying no. I am the one who decides what time our household wakes up in the morning. I am the one who gives the client a time to meet. I am the one promising to deliver on a project by a certain date. I am the one who decided that dinner should be at a certain time. I am the one….it is me. I’m controlling what happens in my day. Holy, moly! I finally get it.

I am in charge of my time

As the business owner and CEO of my own life, I get to design the business and my life around what suits me. It took me a while to fully realise this. In the past I tended to schedule my day around everyone else’s needs – trying to squeeze in a million things ( half of which I should not be doing myself in the first place!). And now I get to design my business and life according to how I want to live it. I’m taking things a slower pace, allowing myself time to think before I respond to any request.

So….how would your life be different if you realised that you are in charge of your time?

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