Self Care Lounge

Taking exceptional care of mind, body and soul in the workplace.

This is an advanced professional group coaching experience for coaches, leaders, executives, medical and legal professionals who are working in stressful environments.

If you are not in a leadership/management position or working as a professional this session is not for you.

You are most likely working in a complex environment that requires you to be at your A game everyday. With most workplaces being fast moving as a result of legislative and technology changes it’s not easy to stay focused.

You probably have to deal with people and political issues that may not even be part of your role. You are taking care of everything and everyone, but who is taking care of you?

A recent Linkedin survey of 2843 professionals found that half (49%) of workers today report feeling stressed in their jobs.

Generation X’s seemed to be the most stressed and if you are in Senior Management and Executive level, it gets even worse.

According to a Bloomberg Business Survey, South Africa is the 2nd most stressed country in the world.

Stress management, coping and self care at this level looks vastly different to self care at less complex levels of work. At this level you need to approach your self care much more strategically and implement a specific plan to ensure that you remain focused, sharp and healthy, able to make quality decisions.

This session will be facilitated by Judy Janse van Rensburg, Executive Life coach recently recognised as Global Coaching Leader at the 28th HRD and 8th World Coaching Congress in Mumbai. Read more about Judy here:

Dates when the Self Care lounge will be hosted:

19 March, 9 April, 30 April, 21 May

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