How to reinvent yourself

It was November 2017 when I found myself sitting in a hospital bed, being prodded and poked by doctors who were scratching their heads wondering how I had such a serious blood clot at a relative young age (mid 40’s). “This should not be happening”, they said. I agreed. Batches of tests were being ordered.… Continue reading How to reinvent yourself

30 of the Best Affirmations

I absolutely love affirmations. It’s what kept me going when I was studying during the Matric exams (like a 100 years ago), what kept me motivated while studying at varsity and what kept me focussed on what is important when I had some health challenges towards the end of last year. I’ve put together a… Continue reading 30 of the Best Affirmations

It’s a new world

And so, after many years of trying and changing and dreaming, iRock Coaching has finally seen the light. It’s been like a seed that was planted, had germinated and is now able to grow, because a good dose of manure was administered. (You know what I mean – I’ve been through a lot of….) It… Continue reading It’s a new world